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FutureDiary is a Television Series. Watch episode1 online for free on a 100% legal streaming service, Ani.me. 26 Episodes.

Watch The FutureDiary full episodesEnglishSub Other titles: Mirai Nikki (TV), Mirai Nikki, Mirai Nikki (2011) Synopsis: Mirai Nikki is focused around the main character, 15 year-old Yukiteru Amano, who is a bit more submissive than your average teenager. Yukiteru even has a habit of conversing with...

Ongoing Anime. New Episodes. Genres. The FutureDiaryEpisode 11. Back to series. Source: 1.

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The FutureDiary. TVMA • Anime, Animation, International, Supernatural, Action • TV Series • 2011.

Category: FutureDiary (Comic Book Series), Anime (TV Genre), Animation, Animation (TV Genre), Episode, Yukiteru Amano, Yuno Gasai, Future

The FutureDiary (Dub). Mirai Nikki (TV); Mirai Nikki; Mirai Nikki (2011); 未来日記.

Watch FutureDiaryEpisode1 in its "official Englishdubbed" version as presented on the official DVD.

English: The FutureDiary. Synonyms: Mirai Nikki, Mirai Nikki (2011). Japanese: 未来日記. Synopsis. This psychological thriller, based on the manga written and

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15:00 Saranzanmai Anime's EnglishDub Casts Alejandro Saab, Justin Briner, Ricco Fajardo.

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As Yukiteru starts using the diary to his advantage, he is approached by a stalker named Yuno Gasai who also possesses a FutureDiary cell phone that foretold his death at the hands of a serial killer, another FutureDiary owner. Helping him evade the killer, Yuno helps Yukiteru throw a dart into the...

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FutureDiary 14 EnglishDubbed. November 4, 2017 2:50 am. Title: Memory Erased. Description: Aru talks to Yuno through her surveillance feed, revealing he dug up three corpses from her garden, two of which had recently had their skulls removed. Some videos make take a few seconds to load, refresh...

This page provides the firstepisode of hit anime series The FutureDiary (English) and will provide more episodes soon.

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