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When the interviewer asks you, “Tellmeaboutyourself”, what is he trying to achieve? Well, for the interviewer, it’s an easy and open-ended wayto start the

Tellmeaboutyourself—how toanswer this interviewquestion. This important job interviewquestion has a way of making candidates

After you answer the tell us aboutyourselfinterviewquestion, be ready to follow up. Use our guide to prep: Commonly Asked Job InterviewQuestions

So, the first question you’re probably going to get in an interview is, “Tellmeaboutyourself.” Now, this is not an invitation to recite your entire life story or even to go bullet by bullet through your resume. Instead, it’s probably your first and best chance to pitch the hiring manager on why you’re the right...

Here's how toanswer the "tellmeaboutyourself" interviewquestion that will blow the hiring manager away.

How toanswer to the job interviewquestion "Tellmeaboutyourself," including what to say, what not to say, and examples of the best answers.

"Tellmeaboutyourself" seems a straightforward enough request in a job interview. However it can be a difficult question to grapple with - there are so

Answer the 'Tellmeaboutyourself' question carefully with a focus on how you are the perfect candidate for their job.

Once you answer the "tellmeaboutyourself" interviewquestion properly, then you are few steps away from getting the job.

Job Interview Answer For “TellMeAboutYourself” (Method 1/2). First, here’s a brief video explaining how toanswer. You can use this if you prefer

Answer this interviewquestion by relating your recent accomplishments to the job requirements. Keep the tone professional and avoid overly personal

Unlike other interviewquestions "Tellmeaboutyourself," has no boundaries.

For job seekers, knowing how toanswer, "Tellmeaboutyourself," is more important than you may think. Read our tips on how to nail your response.

All those people who are going for some or the other kind of Personal Interview (whether it be while applying for a job or while appearing for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview round after any MBA or Bank PO/Clerk exams), have toanswer the question "Tellme something aboutyourself".

"Tellmeaboutyourself" is a positive and fun exercise in demonstrating your value and getting one

Tellmeaboutyourself. This seemingly simple question can make or break an interview. Illustration by Ernest Fiestan/Rappler.

"So, can you tellmeaboutyourself?" It's one of the most ubiquitous interviewquestions, and often one of the most difficult.

TellMeaboutYourselfAnswer for a fresher. The question is common to any candidate facing an

Suzy Welch: What to say when a job interviewer says, 'Tellmeaboutyourself'. Published Wed, Sep 6 2017 9:00 AM EDTUpdated Wed, Sep 6 2017 10:02 AM

Interviewer asks, “So tellme a bit aboutyourself?” And you answer, “Well there isn’t much to tell, except that I’m a happily married mother of three boys. My husband was transferred to Johannesburg three months ago, and now that I’m happily settled in, I feel ready to start working again.

Interviewquestion and answer: TellMeAboutYourself. Read more answers to interviewquestions

Here are four sample answers to interviewquestions about tellmeaboutyourself that will put you in the lead.

This simple questionTellmeaboutyourself can make you sweat, especially in an interview. It may seem toughest and stressful question for some

I would like to know how toanswer the interviewquestion "Tellmeaboutyourself". In almost all the interviews this will be the first question and answering this properly will give the best impression for the interviewer. I understand the answer will not be the same for everyone with this question.

Getting an interviewee to talk is the bestwayto go about that, but rambling on about inconsequential things can be a turn-off.

The interviewer cares less aboutyouranswer to this question and more about the confidence, enthusiasm and passion with which you answer it.

When interviewing and answeringtellmeaboutyourselfquestions, you should avoid common mistakes and stick to the facts as follows

There are better and worse waystotellmeaboutyourself.’ When I was a human resources executive doing hiring interviews, I almost always began my interviews with candidates

The tellmeaboutyourself can actually be the only question you manage toanswer in the first three

Interviewers will often ask you to "tellmeaboutyourself". Find out what they are looking for when they ask you this question.

What makes this question difficult toanswer is that you don’t know what the interviewer wants to hear. If they have read your resume and CV, then you are just

About 80% of HR Interviews start with this question. It’s very important to get it right as the first impression you make depends upon how you answer

Confused about how toanswer the dreaded “Tellmeaboutyourselfquestion in a job interview?

1. Tellmeaboutyourself. Most common question, it can be very difficult toanswer as you will need to build rapport as well as show why you are best suited

The interviewer asks you a question ("Tellmeaboutyourself") and you're going to turn it around to begin asking questions of him or her, instead.

The dreaded ‘Tellmeaboutyourself’ is one of those. This is used by many interviewers as a bit of an icebreaker to get you chatting and is often the

When you’re answering the “TellmeaboutYourselfquestion, you should also be highlighting your most important accomplishments.

What “tellmeaboutyourself” really means is “sell yourself.” Related: How to write your elevator pitch. You don’t need to wait until you get asked

Did you know why this query “TellMeAboutYourself” is asked so frequently in most job interviews?

The answer to the common questiontellme more aboutyourself should be prepared with previous research, aimed to find this out, and to show that