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Driving down through the beautiful Florida Keys fromMiamitoKeyWest is a classic American road trip. Here’s what you can expect on the journey, plus my

KeyWest, you do not need a rental car, take a cab to your hotel and everything is walking distance. If you fly to Miamiyou will be renting a car for your whole trip plus gas. Don't know what the difference in cost is, so that might help you. Do you want to get there as fast as you can or is it about the journey?

You Can Save on Miami & The Florida Keys Attraction Admission. Admission to these top Florida attractions are available on our Passes.

The 110 mile stretch fromMiamitoKeyWest traverses the appropriately named Overseas Highway, crossing 42 bridges while taking you on a wild ride through one of the most picturesque, quirky and fun places in the USA. While the driveto the Southernmost city in the United States only takes 4 hours to...

This post lets you follow our drivefromMiamitoKeyWest along the Florida Keys. It’s a drive along Caribbean islands.

The drivefromMiamitoKeyWest takes about four hours on the scenic coastal Overseas Highway, with so much to do during the 110 miles trip.

The approximately 170-mile drivefromMiamitoKeyWest is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the country. Take your own vehicle or a rental

driving on Xmas day frommiamitokeywest. what will be open for stops along the way. need food and other interesting stops.

3. We drive down toKeyWest and you can take pictures of the beautiful bodies of water through the big windows in the bus. 4. On the way toKeyWest, the tour guide will be telling you about KeyWest, it's history, its

You can also calculate the cost of drivingfromMiami, FL toKeyWest, FL based on current local fuel prices and an estimate of your car's best gas

Travel fromMiamitoKeyWest, the southernmost point in the continental United States, on a full-day trip that gives you time to

If you are planning to drivetoKeyWest and back in one day, you won’t have time to fully enjoy John Pennekamp State Park. However, if you are staying somewhere along the way it’s worth spending half a day in this stunning park. If not, visit it on a separate day trip fromMiami — it will be time well-spent!

With us, you can travel fromMiamitoKeyWest in comfort. Plan for a smooth travel with our tours and packages and spot the difference.

Distance toKeyWestfromMiami: What to Know Leave your stressful life behind, pack your bags, and head towards KeyWest! The island city has a lot to

KeyWest is very sunny so you have time to be outside all day! You can go to many musuems there like the Ernest Hemingway museum or the butterfly and

Miami toKeyWest service will be provided by "XCURSIONS USA" and buses will have these markings on the sides. At what time bus departs fromMiami?

Driving Directions to the Florida Keys. FromMiami International Airport

Sure, the driving distance fromMiamitoKeyWest might not look huge but it’s really packed with nice things to see and do!

The 150-mile drivefromMiamitoKeyWest is one of the great American road trips, whisking you off the mainland and through the fabled Florida Keys to

Although we only drovetoKeyWestfromMiami, you could drive 2,377 miles on U.S. Route 1 from Fort Kent, Maine at the Canadian border all the way toKeyWest, Florida — if you don’t mind a whole lot of traffic lights.

Florida KeysDriving Times. Miami to Big Pine and the Lower Keys 2.5 hours. KeyWest to West Palm Beach 5 hours.

Yes, the driving distance between Miami Station (Amtrak) toKeyWest is 164 miles.

The key to fully experiencing KeyWest is not contained in some local bar or in a moment at sunset on Mallory Square. Instead, it is located some 100 miles to the northeast at the beginning of what is known as the Overseas Highway, a scenic two-lane road with water on both sides, 43 bridges and enough...

If you fly into Miamiyou've already avoided most of that and then pick up the route approximately where you'd have been going through from Ft.

I could’ve driven north to visit my parents, but it’s not often I get a chance to be in Florida by myself with no plans, so I scratched that idea especially considering that I

On our way toKeyWestfromMiami, Ramon gave everyone on the bus detailed information about the Keys (beginning with Key Largo) on

On your journey toKeyWest, you will cross the famous “Seven Mile Bridge” which has been

It's only a four hour drivefromMiamitoKeyWest, which makes the route to the southernmost city in Florida perfect for a road trip. You're sure to see plenty of gorgeous scenery along the Overseas Highway, but if you're looking for an excuse to make some fun pit stops along the way, consider...

From Stock Island, youdrive over a short bridge toKeyWest itself, with a choice of left or right turns onto different branches of Roosevelt Boulevard. I suggest you turn right and go directly into Old Town, where you can park on the streets (if you're very lucky) or at private commercial lots or the...

KeyWest is the westernmost island among the Florida Keys that you can driveto, and is one of the most scenic roads in North America.

Be prepared. Miami - KeyWest Info. The distance from Government Ctr.Stat.Rail Northbound to Miami

If you fly to Miami (or Ft. Lauderdale) and then drivetoKeyWest, you really aren't going to have much time for a day trip. At best you can get to KW from MIA in 3 hours and from FLL in 4, but with traffic it can be much, much longer. It took me 7 hours to drive up the Keys once. So that route might...

Take our bus tour fromMiamitoKeyWest, where you will enjoy spectacular aerial views of this tropical paradise while on a deluxe parasailing adventure!

So you can be sure these animals are treated right and you’ll leave there wanting to keep them protected.

FromMiamitoKeyWest it’s about a 4 hour bus trip through more than 40 different islands. Trip includes one stop for 30 minutes so riders can

KeyWest Overnight Stay in KeyWest as long as you'd like, we'll bring you back to Miami when you're ready - Departs 1 time a day. Miami Airport toKeyWest Take a shuttle from MIA to the Keys - Departs 6 times a day.

The cheapest flight fromMiamitoKeyWest was found 86 days before departure, on average.

You can get toKeyWest via airplane, or by driving down US 1, and once you're there, you can cut down on expenses with some budget friendly tips.

Visit KeyWest for one day on this excursion by bus fromMiami. Experience a Caribbean atmosphere, complete with street artists, museums, shops

FromMiamitoKeyWest it’s about a 4 hour bus trip through more than 40 different islands. Trip includes one stop for 30 minutes so riders can

When you plan a tour toKeyWestfromMiami, you need to first weigh the transportation choices

For this trip toKeyWest, you can get on board at Collins Ave, Collins Ave - Miami Beach, FL, Washington Ave, Ocean Drive

Going tokeywest with a car instead of going on a tour will give you more flexibility in time you spend there. So you have to ask yourself what is more

On your way toKeyWestfromMiami, you will cross the most popular “Seven Mile Bridge” which is an excellent experience to enjoy. Due to the extra drivetoKeyWest, some travellers to Miami don’t visit KeyWest, however there are possible ways which you can visit KeyWest once you are in Miami.