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An odour coming from the sweat that smells like urine would most likely be the result of something you are eating or drinking, swallowing or injecting, including but not limited to all foods, drinks, supplements, and medications. There is an outside possibility that your kidneys are not doing their job...

sweat smells like urine. Chronic Illness Forums. > Kidney Diseases & Disorders.

Body odor smells like vinegar. We all know how the regular sweat smells so it easy to recognize that something is not right with our body when we smell differently. If you care about your health you shouldn’t take this sign as something that is not important.

When you notice an unusual body smell, like sweet-smelling urine, it's a potential sign that something is off with your health.

Why does my urine smell like bread? I was diagnosed, after a sleep study about 15 yrs ago with sleep apnea .

Why does my urine smell like sulfur? Last reviewed Mon 4 June 2018 Last reviewed Mon 4 Jun 2018.

My son is only 3. He has a bath every night before bedtime, and he sweats like crazy while he sleeps.

Maybe you’ve noticed it after a big run: Your sweat has a strong, cloying odor, sort of like a public restroom, perhaps. You may disregard it as an

Have you noticed an ammonia sweat smell when you've been exercising? See what causes it and what you can

5. My urine smells like bacon? Dr. Dr. Bacon: If you aren't having any other problems or pain with urination I wouldn't worry.

Urine may smell like coffee because of several reasons, the major reason being drinking large amount of coffee , very strong coffee or even dehydration. Why is that when drink orange juice, the urine does not smell like one? This is because products like coffee, tea and soda contain caffeine.

Sweaty and smelly situations tend to be really awkward. If you experience unpleasant sweat smell frequently, you know how detrimental it can be in terms of self-esteem.

Why Does My Breath Smell Like Urine? Medically reviewed by Alana Biggers, MD, MPH on

If a person's sweat smells like ammonia, then there is nothing to worry about because sweat naturally has ammonia in it, according to WebMD, and some people have enough ammonia in the sweat for it to actually smell. During intense exercise sessions, the body will produce more ammonia than it usually...

I notice that my sweat smells strange and different, vaguely like ammonia cleaning products or something, I can't quite place it but…

What makes my sweat between my breast and legs smell like onions I have noticed this for a few weeks now and have put off going to the doctor.

sweat smells like urine New Topic Reply ... I have the same problem more so with heavy night sweats, my room smelt like urine. Figured it was the sheets. After removing mattress protector and sheets and renewing sheet ok for about a day and back again.

My farts and shits definitely smelled like shit-laced bud. It was awesome and awful at the same time.

If your urine smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, you might be really worried, but it’s probably nothing to worry about.

If sweat smells of urine, it most likely contains compounds that normally are processed and excreted in the urine. This means that the digestive system or some other metabolic function could be harmed. Your brother should probably consider seeing a doctor.

The way your sweat and urine smell can be influenced by a number of factors, including diet, some drugs and medical conditions--even the clothes you wear. The good news is that the causes of most strange smells are easily fixed. Sweat, for example, is generally odorless, but if left on the skin, the...

Your sweat has an acrid, ammonia-like smell. Obviously, no one wants to smell like a walking

Causes Of Sweat Smells Like Vinegar. As established above, bacterial activity is the main culprit in your vinegary odor.

For one's sweat to smell like vinegar, there are many causes that range from diet and personal hygiene to certain health conditions and hormonal changes.

But with my newfound love for smoking my weed has come another discovery: Smoking weed makes my body odor smell like ganja.

Lately my sweat smells like ammonia. I am 45 and have been running for 20 years a minimum of 25 miles per week. This is new so I went to my Orthopedic Surgeon who saw me for

Find out why pee smells like coffee and when you should be worried about the smell of urine. Also find out different foods that make pee smell.

I don't want to smell like chicken. This is one more piece of evidence. You are what you eat.

Saying oh it smells like a cat has * in here and there is a real fish smell. These were not directed at me but I fear when I see them again they will

Body odor that smells like pot is a real phenomenon, according to some of the world's most eminent biologists and cannabis experts.

Yes, if your urine smells like ammonia, it does mean that there is something wrong. It is likely that you either have a bladder infection or urinary stones

Bad smelling urine could be a cause for concernCredit: Getty - Contributor. Why does urine smell? There are certain things which can trigger a bad odour when you go to the bathroom.

I was so covered in sweat my shoes were making squishy noises like I had stepped in a puddle. DRENCHED.

Urinary Tract Infection. The bacteria causing the infection can make your cat’s urine to emit a foul odor. In addition, once the infection is present, your cat may feel the need to urinate more often or may even dribble a little pee onto its skin and fur around

Find out what causes smelly sweat or a vinegary body odour. Sure® has all the info you need on the causes of body odour and how to prevent it.

If you notice that your sweat has begun to smell sweet, you should bring it to your doctor's attention.

My urine is pretty yellow after I run. I do sweat a lot. I drink lots of water throughout the day and by the late afternoon, my urine is clear.

Natural fibers like cotton, wool and linen soak up sweat from your skin and allow it to evaporate. But while synthetic fibers like Rayon, polyester, nylon and even some

Ammonia or Ammonia-Based Products- Dog urine naturally smells like ammonia. Therefore, if you use a product that has ammonia in it, your dog will likely continue to mark the same spot you’re trying to clean. Bleach- While bleach is a powerful disinfectant, it doesn’t do anything to neutralize dog urine...

Though sweat that smells like ammonia can be a little unnerving, it is usually not a cause for serious concern.

I have noticed my daughter sweats a lot at night and she often smells like urine or ammonia. Even my Mom has mentioned that she thought my daughter peed the bed and made her get up to change the sheets and clothes only to find she had not peed at all, but was just sweaty. It is a really strong smell.

The distinct smell of urine is impossible to miss, whether it's wafting from a kid's diaper, lingering on a subway platform, or coming out of your own body.

If you notice that your sweat has begun to smell sweet, you should bring it to your doctor's attention.

Sweat Smells Like Ammonia. Www.doctorjade.com Smells have an uncanny power to move us. A whiff of smoke or perfume can conjure up a scene

My sweat smells of skunk...havent touched the stuff in 2 years! Quite nice, however!

Sweat smell (aka Body odour or BO) is not a problem for everyone on this earth. But for those with this problem – it is the greatest one.