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This idiom began as a proverb in many languages and is of ancient origin, often including the word jump or leap. In English, it was first recorded in 1528 by Sir Thomas More (Works): “Lepe they lyke a flounder outof a frying-panne intothe fyre.”

The next time it was used was in the Latin seafarer’s tale where it was said that one ofthe characters in trying to avoid Charybdis ran on Scylla. This phrase was once again spotted in a collection of Aesop’s fables where someone was urging his mates to jump intothe water to save themselves and...

I had a huge fight with my boss, and my mother and I are mad at each other, too. Husband: It’s about to get much worse.

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...thefire)from a bad situation to an even worse one.Many kids who run away from unhappy homes discover they've jumped outofthefryingpan into

For example, After Karen quit the first law firm she went to one with even longer hours-outofthefryingpanintothefire . This expression, a proverb in many languages, was first recorded in English in 1528.

The idiom can sometimes be shortened as just ‘fryingpan to fire’. The idiom is believed to have originated from a story in which a fisherman threw some live fish into a fryingpan full of boiling oil in order to fry them. As the fish found themselves in this difficult situation...

As regards the issue ofthe veto which applies in the Security Council, I too would be in favour of abandoning it, but this would simply be jumping outofthefrying-panintothefire. If this were to happen, the UN would become, in institutional terms, the puppet ofthe United States, of a bloc of...

You can feel the pulse ofthe pavement racing like a runaway horse The subways are steaming and the skin ofthe street is gleaming with sweat I've seen you sitting on the steps outside, and you were looking so restless and reckless and lost

The electric fryingpan can be a life saver if your stove is on the fritz and you are waiting for a landlord to replace it. They are also great to have, freeing up stove top

outof one trouble andinto more trouble, from something bad to something worse When he changed jobs he went outofthefryingpanandinto

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Then the fish all leaped outofthefryingpan together, and fell intothe burning coals. Stricken by even greater pain as a result, they cursed the plan

"Thefryingpan" is a very hot place to be because it is over "thefire". In a difficult situation, the first thing we want to do is get outof that situation.

Andintothefire! fire! fire! It's only two o'clock and the temperature's beginning to soar And all around the city you see the walking wounded and the living

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Who was sitting at the table, smoking a cigar and eating crisps. Well not so much a god, more a ruler of an element type guy who had other really cool party tricks (like

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If something comes outofthe left field, it is beside the point and has nothing to do with the matter being discussed.

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Off ofthe Mountain andIntothe Woods 30. The First of Many Partings 31. This is the House that Oropher Built 32.

Outofthe mud intothe puddle. Iz ognya da v polymya (Russian). From fire to flame. Yagmurdan kacarken doluya yakalanmak (Turkish).

For example, After Karen quit the first law firm she went to one with even longer hours—outofthefryingpanintothefire.

ofthefryingpanintothefire The king is in the counting house Some folk have all the might And majesty will run on Bombay Gin and German spite They come