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How to Fix SamsungGalaxyS7 Edge Can’t Connectto4G/LTE Issue. First, turn Off your GalaxyS7 and then reboot it normally.

I received my SamsungGalaxyS6 on the first day it was released by Vodafone, and was I under the impression that I had 4G, as thats what I'm paying

Hello; I own a American unlocked SamsungGalaxyS8 phone, & I am having trouble trying to figure out why there is no 4G option available.

I bought a SamsungGalaxyS7 Active through AT&T and switched over to T-mobile. I unlocked my phone and everything worked for about a month.

SamsungGalaxyS7 and S7 Edge captured the hearts of many for a very long time. Still, people are quite happy with their S7 and not willing to upgrade to S8 or S8+. There are few things with the operating system and network settings that can cause some problem, if your sim is not detected by...

The connection settings of the SamsungGalaxyS7 are factory configured so that the smartphone automatically connects with the fastest mobile network, thus the LTE network. Would you like for various reasons that the SamsungGalaxyS7 is notconnected with the LTE network, then you can...

When trying to connect my SamsungGalaxyS7 to Wi-Fi it keeps saying “not in range”. This issue can happen after upgrading as well, and is one of the most confusing Wi-Fi issues to have. You can hold your device right next to the wireless modem or router and get no signal.

Samsunggalaxy not registered on network error occurs when you attempt to make a call or text.

The SamsungGalaxyS7 smartphone has the ability to mirror your screen to a Windows or Mac PC so that you may interact with your device from your computer. Ensure your S7 is NOTconnectedto the computer. Download and install SideSync on your computer.

With the S7connectedto my PC the USB drivers started downloading on my PC after I installed the Samsung SideSync program.

Reports suggest that some SamsungGalaxyS7 owners are experiencing problems with Wi-Fi, including (but not limited to) Gmail not

The SamsungGalaxyS7 is water-resistant but not waterproof. This means that it is still possible for water to get into it.

Are you unable to charge your SamsungGalaxy phone? Don’t worry, You are not alone. charging issues is very common amongst Samsung users.

A failure to connectto internet via mobile cellular data on the GalaxyS7 can be remedied rather easily. Read the following instructions to help solve this

This will give the GalaxyS7 all the information it needs to securely connectto and use the T-Mobile network.

Whenever a new Samsunggalaxy device hit the market, there is only one common issue which keep popping up ” Not Registered On Network “.

To be fair, I think my first S4 may have had a hardware problem (it would randomly fail to detect the SIM card and require a reboot... Like 8 times an hour - I'm not exaggerating). But my newer S4 has not done that (yet). Yes, all my settings are set to access the LTE mode, and yes I've done all the update...

Some SamsungGalaxyS7 users have reported on the “Black screen of death,” where the phone appears to still function but will not wake up no matter what

Other times the SamsungGalaxyS7notconnectingto WiFi. Also, others have reported when they use Google Now, the screen gets stuck on “Recognizing…” and quite comes up with “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” A main reason that the GalaxyS7 WiFi connection is slow is because of a...

If your S3 is supposed to be able to connectto4G networks and you aren't, you may not have a 4G signal. In nearly all cases, your S3 should automatically switch to the 4G

Solved: I have read lot of topics on the apn settings for giffgaff and set up 3 previous phone in the past. But I have just changed my goody bag to.

PA: No, not to our knowledge. Question from rick_mobile: "Dear PA, will the international version of the galaxys7 work with the 4G LTE bands on

Follow this GalaxyS7 unroot tutorial if you want to restore the AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or US Cellular GalaxyS7 and S7

SamsungGalaxyS7 is a brilliant device on paper. However, after some time, due to updates and pilled cache, the problems will start occurring more frequently

Galaxy Forever: Does not guarantee monthly payment amount, phone selection, or service plan rates. Upgrade after 12 payment as long as lease and early

The SamsungGalaxyS4G is a slightly tweaked version of the Vibrant on T-Mobile and is similar

It connectsto the wi-fi without any issue but no internet access showing up as "internet may not be available" on the wi-fi menu of my S7 edge.

Solved: So I recently bought an unlocked Samsung S6, inserted my sim card and started everything fine.

The SamsungGalaxyS7 is big on screen and slim on profile. It features a gorgeous, bright 5.1" Quad HD Super AMOLED display, water and dust resistance, dual-pixel smartphone camera and up to 256GB of expandable memory. This device is in EXCELLENT cosmetic condition...

The SamsungGalaxyS74G+ and SamsungGalaxyS7 edge 4G+ will be officially available in Singapore from Saturday, 12th March 2016. In Singapore, both the S7 and S7 edge will come in only one size which is 32GB because it now comes with expandable memory slot via microSD (up to...

GalaxyS7 is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung which is IP68 certified. An IP68 certified android smartphone is dust proof and water

Here I found the easiest way to fix NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK problem with Samsung or any other Android phones like Galaxys5, s6, s7, note 2/3/4/5/6/7.

A lot of SamsungGalaxyS7 users are reporting that when they set their phone to Mute and turn on vibration, their device do not vibrate when a text message is received. GalaxyS7 does not vibrate on text messages, while it vibrates on all the other types of notifications. In this article I will tell you how to...

No access to cellular data despite Republic Wireless app displaying device is connectedto the cellular network with access to data. Environment. SamsungGalaxyS7.

The Mobile Connect PIN is a four digit number, and it is your responsibility to keep it confidential and Dialog shall not be liable for any unauthorized access to your Mobile Connect account due to any disclosure

You'll also need to check to make sure you've got 4G coverage in your area. If our 4G network isn't available in your location yet, you