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Together they express the interdependence of opposites. The balance of yin and yang in one’s body and environment are essential to one’s health, and

We can use the powers offood-energetics for nourishing Yang and warmth, building Yin, nourishing Dryness, dispelling mucus and Phlegm, and building Qi, Blood and Body Fluids for the present and coming seasons. Also, health imbalances can result from the over-consumption of heavy animal...

The guidance includes foodsfor the particular health concerns if any, the season, emotional needs, and energy needed for daily work and life.

When considering the health benefits of the foods we eat in the West, we tend to think of them in terms of their nutritional value—the vitamins, minerals, fats

Energetics is a naturopathic health care practice using bio-communication technology, therapeutic

The dynamics of the yin and yang aspects of different foods and how they relate to each person and the five energy networks in traditional Chinese

Think offoodenergetics in terms of frequencies: imagine your body is a radio and each music station is a different food. When the foods you eat are appropriate for your body

Using the benefits of correct food consumption along with acupuncture is a highly effective way to establish balance. Understanding your health imbalances and then treating them accordingly by choosing the appropriate foodsfor that particular imbalance is one of the best ways to restore health.

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TheEnergeticsofFoods - Different foods have different innate temperatures and affect the body differently. Learn about food energetics and

With an interest and passion for massage andhealing for almost 20 years, she loves being a part of clients’ healthand wellness journeys.

The point of and benefit to understanding food energetics is to develop a more holistic perspective on our own health. There is a danger in focusing solely on nutritional properties offood when considering its effects on our health, and that has to do with ignoring theenergetic properties offood.

The food we eat gives our bodies the "information" and materials they need to function properly. If we don't get the right information

Which healing foods should you eat for your particular condition? Find out the best advice on how each food can affect your health.

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Getting the most mental healthfood bang for your buck. Eating right for mental health is pretty simple. You want to eat more real, whole, natural

The Magic Behind Everything. What's your tolerance for Extraordinary? EpiEnergetics is a (r)evolution of how people, businesses, communities and the

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TheEnergeticsOfFood - Chinese food energetics has become more popular in small animal medicine, but has gained little attention in the horse world.

Welcome to the world offoodenergetics, a time-honoured approach to food andhealing rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. On this site you will find pages of free information about the healing power offood according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, details of nutritional...

Hemp and the cannabinoids found in it such as CBD, have been part of the food supply for millennia as vital micro nutrients. Humans consumed them from direct consumption and indirect such as eating animals and their products ( eggs, dairy) that were fed hemp as fodder.

The self-healing lifestyle of macrobiotics starts with the recognition that minor symptoms don’t just happen to us.

The energy of the food impacts both our physical and emotional health. Examples of energetic means is the food cooling or warming? Is it dry or moist?

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The front and back of the hand provide a map, or microsystem, of the entire human body. Hand Energetics brings together ancient knowledge passed down for millennia with the simplicity of an easy-to-understand hand map so you can begin working on your health right away from the comfort...

Shares a wealth of knowledge on food and health - what to eat, why and when to eat it. Free US shipping.

These food items provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that aid in the faster healing of wounds and a proper

The tissues are healthyand well developed and the waste is adequately moved out. The sense and touch organs work properly.

Welcome to the home of Health in Bio Energetics South Africa, suppliers of complimentary health products and integrative medicine.

Member of our team have been in the healthand wellness field for over 20 years. Over time we have consistently found that most health issues are

Physica Energetics. Natural Remedies, Meticulously Designed, to Expand Your Healing Influence. Addressing the Core Issue.

Our holistic approach addresses your energetic, emotional, mental, and physical aspects to bring harmony to the mind, body, and soul.

Knowledge offoodenergetics can help one build a stronger sense of healthand

Please note that the healthand wellness information presented on these pages is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

This chart shows the pathways that follow the pattern for life – if we try and change something out of this sequence the body reacts and will suffer a systemic crisis.

Collecting weight, and doing weightloss fad diets, can trigger significant health problems, and

The rhythm of a food can have dynamic effects on your biological and psychological behavior. Alcohol has a slow, irregular rhythm

The focus of Somatic Energetics is to gently clear and improve the inter-connections of the nervous system to that Spark, the source of all our knowledge, abilities, healing and creativity. This is a transformational tool; a gateway, a doorway into new levels freedom towards better health...

Siddhi Energetics offers both traditional and modern herbal formulas from the vast pharmacopeia of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. These formulas naturally and effectively assist with such common issues as anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue in a safe, swift and effective manner, often allowing for...

Energeticsof Herbs. Having an awareness of the thermal energy of an herb can help you make

Featured Meditation of the Month. Meditation for Healing Addictions. This meditation helps you break internal habits like feeling inferior, needing acceptance, lack of self-love and various phobias. And, it excels at helping you to break external habits like food dependency, and alcohol or drug dependency...

Harnessing the natural healing power of the right foods can even help to keep you cool when it seems like

The lives and teachings of mystics, philosophers andhealers through the ages have illuminated this fact. For centuries, Chinese medicine has focused on restoring and balancing the flow of energy, or qi, along the body’s meridians. Ayurveda, hands-on healing traditions, shamanism, and other disciplines...