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TheGoldenGateBridge not only set the record for longest bridge span when completed in 1937, it also had the tallest towers.

A model of one ofthe Bridge towers was loaded in a civil engineering testing machine at Princeton University in 1933.

Suppose a worker drops a wrench from thetopof a tower. If the average force of air resistance is 22% ofthe force of free fall, with what speed will the

Crossing the strait oftheGoldenGate from San Francisco's Presidio to the Marin headlands for 1.7 miles is the world-renowned GoldenGateBridge, easily

TheGoldenGateBridge links the northern tip ofthe San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. This suspension bridge is an iconic symbol of San

Before the construction of GoldenGateBridge and several other bridges, San Francisco was the largest American city that was still using ferry boats as mode

For theGoldenGateBridge, Strauss needed cables that would be strong enough to support the structure ofthe bridge and bend 27 feet laterally in the Gate’s

Narration explains necessity for the construction oftheGoldenGateBridge.

TheGoldenGateBridge is a suspension bridge that spans the opening of San Francisco Bay. It provides a vital link between Marin County and the city

TheGoldenGateBridge also had the world's tallest suspension towers at the time of construction

Engineers inspecting theGoldenGateBridge Monday were wearing GoPro cameras, giving us a spectacular view from thetopofthe bridge towers.

TheGoldenGateBridge, for instance, is supported by one abutment on each end and the two towers, which are placed over foundations embedded in

22of32Woody Harrelson is shown climbing on the supports oftheGoldenGateBridge during a Headwaters protest on November 23, 1996.Photo

While theGoldenGatebridge has fared well during previous tremors, engineers believe its 1930s design literally won't stand up when a major

Before GoldenGateBridge was built, the shortest route between San Francisco and the Marin County was by ship. First ferry service was established in 1820. In time automobile ferries, which were once used only by costumers ofthe railroad, became very profitable and San Francisco became largest...

TheGoldenGateBridge is a well-recognized landmark in the United States. This report provides you numerous information about one ofthe most astonishing

Thetowers that support theGoldenGateBridge's suspension cables are smaller at thetop than at the base, which emphasizes thetower height of 500 feet above the roadway.* In April 1865, the Civil War ended and masses of soldiers demobilized, many of whom soon moved west.

on bridge connecting the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. TheGoldenGateBridge is considered to be a globally renowned representation of San

TheGoldenGateBridge is one ofthe most famous places in the world! Join us on our GoldenGateBridge tour to discover the place that many people

Though Strauss shrugged off concerns ofthe relatively low barrier on the pedestrian crossing lane, the bridge has unfortunately been a popular place for suicides since three months after it opened when

Sunday marked the 75th anniversary ofthe opening of San Francisco's GoldenGateBridge. Before 1937, the city's growth was hampered by a reliance on ferry traffic. The 8,981 ft (2,737 m) suspension bridge changed that, creating a link between San Francisco to Marin County.

According to theGoldenGateBridge District, traffic rose dramatically on the span after it opened, from 3.3 million vehicles in 1938 to 28.3 million vehicles by 1967.

The two main towers together were constructed of 40.2 million kg of steel, or very roughly 10 million kg per leg.

Above: TheGoldenGate Strait prior to construction ofthebridge (image courtesy ofthe US National Park Service).

TheGoldenGateBridge has two main cables that rest above its 746-foot tall towers and end in a curve at its two opposing anchorages.

GoldenGateBridge: GoldenGateBridge, suspension bridge spanning theGoldenGate in California to link San Francisco with Marin county

TheGoldenGateBridge is a national treasure equal to the monuments of Washington DC, our side of Niagara Falls, the Great lakes, the Grand

The pier will support ofthe 2 746 foot steel towers. It was necessary to build the south tower offshore, but working so far into the open water ofthe gate

TheGoldenGateBridge has a famous red color, but that red doesn't last long, given the pounding it takes from wind, clouds, and fog. That means it must be painted almost constantly, and this worker, taking a pause from the job, is one ofthe heroes who braves the heights ofthetowers to keep it...

When theGoldenGateBridge went up, it was the longest suspended bridge span in the world – cables hold up the roadway between two towers, with no intermediate supports. And the setting had a number of inherent challenges. It cost about US$37 million at the time; building the same structure...

Construction oftheGoldenGateBridge started in 1933. The bridge, which was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss was built to connect San Francisco with Marin County across the 1600 meter (+5000ft) wide strait known as theGoldenGate which links the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors to Fort Point walk the grounds ofthe Civil War-era structure under theGoldenGateBridge, Friday, Jan. 13, 2018 in San Francisco, Calif.

TheGoldenGateBridge officially opened on May 27, 1937, the longest bridge span in the world at the time.

English: TowersoftheGoldenGateBridge — the steel towersofthe suspension bridge across theGoldenGate in California.

The bold orange color along with the 746 foot tall towers is so eye catching at every angle. I have visited this spot once before but this time around

The iconic park is one ofthe best-known spots for a full view oftheGoldenGate. A plethora of locations awaits you. On a sunny day, a foggy day

The 4,200 foot long suspension span oftheGoldenGateBridge was the longest in the world - until 1964 when the Verrazano Narrow's Bridge in New York

In the case oftheGoldenGateBridge the main cables are 36 inches in diameter and contain 27,572 individual galvanized steel wires. The cables are anchored in concrete at either end and run 7,650 ft (2,332 m) over thetopofthe two towers. The weight ofthe roadbed and all the traffic on it is...

Today the bridge is one ofthe most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California and the United States. Check out some fun facts

The strands had to be individually pulled across the span over thetopsofthetowers on a wire trolley that continuously ran back and forth.

Construction oftheGoldenGateBridge marked the first time anyone had built a suspension bridge support with a tower in the open ocean. The conditions, above and below the water, were harsh. Divers faced powerful currents as they helped anchor the massive concrete bridge support onto the...