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To me the goal is to get a road legal trailerable boat to the water and launched and have it capable

CM-24 is trailerablecruisingcatamaran for those who want to sail fast and at reasonable costs. We designed CM-24 as a nice and simple entry level cruisingcatamaran...

Swiss Catamaran Concept - Promo 2011. Duo480C: 16" trailerable catamaran build and launch.

Why Cruise a Catamaran? These experienced monohull cruisers made the jump to a 46-foot cruising cat, and they're never going back.

"Once on the water she provides exciting sailing as well as giving a safe ride for inshore cruising weekends or holidays for a young family". Yachting Monthly. "Strider is a fast, light, exhilarating day...

..Offshore racing catamaran, built by Mike Bell of Offshore *catamarans. includes * **$65,000* 55'Marstrom Carbon Mast brand new $8,000 screecher (never flown) *two code o's, two screechers...

CatamaranCruiserTrailerable Houseboats for sale factory direct.

The Seascape design will suit any entry-level multihull enthusiast offering many features found on a large cruisingcatamaran.

Power Catamaran World invites comments from those who have seen or sea-trialed the AeroCat.

The CatamaranCruise will let you enjoy the best views of the whole Costa Brava, sailing along the coves of the authentic "wild Coast" between Lloret de Mar and St Feliu.

Choose from a range of stylish performance CruisingCatamaran designs for open ocean voyaging, or high performance Sports Catamarans for racing, day charter and sheer fun sailing.

Book a Private or Shared CatamaranCruise in Mauritius Contact CatamaranCruises Mauritius CatamaranCruises Mauritius - Full Day Cruise A selection of sailing and power Catamarans...

I found these Nomad retractable trailerable houseboats, but was hoping that there might exist another manufacturer of a retractable collapsible house boats.

Catamaran Reviews and News | Multihulls, Trimarans. The CruisingCatamaran Performance Debate. Which CruisingCatamaran Performs Better...And Does It Really Matter?

Flexibility, mobility and affordability of a trailerable trawler is fast becoming the wave of the future in boating, also serving as an RV when on the road.

Catamarans use two hulls to reduce wetted surface underwater, creating reduced drag. The hulls are usually part of a single mold with a span between them that supports the main cabin.

CatamaranCruise, who is it for? + If you conclude there must be something more out there than big

The VCAT44 from vcatamaran is not only another fast cruisingcatamaran. The VCAT 44 is a boat that distinguishes from most of the markets choices.

Looking for a high-end cruisingcatamaran? ArrowCat 320 features a luxurious interior cabin, custom hardwood steering wheel, and full digital controls.

We’d cruised here before in tri-cabin motor yachts, but the power catamaran quickly showed us

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Cruising along at approx. 8kts up the east coast of Australia Len Surtees around Australia circumnavigation aboard Zeavard, a 9m TrailerableCatamaran ...

Cruise ship tours last 3 hours and depart in the morning. Roundtrip dock transportation can be

The choice of a cruise multihull for travelling in sunny places is interesting. Fast in downwind, stable under sails and in the mooring, comfortable living spaces, large cockpit, panoramic kitchen and saloon...

On the design limitations of trailerable boats with flooding water ballast, Cruising World writer Bill

Many production boats and smaller cruisingcatamarans are unable to include adequate tankage to

Fast, Beachable, Trailerable, Affordable. Stiletto Catamarans balance these design features perfectly.

Catamarans are by far the most prevalent cruising multihull, formany good reasons which we'll discuss shortly. They are also the mostwidely available as a charter yacht.

CruisingCatamarans: 114. Distant exotic destinations, extended sails on a roomy catamaran! This is now becoming a standard in the most desirable chartering grounds.

Sunset Cruise. Departing from Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove we head north in Biscayne Bay

CatamaranCruise. Enjoy a lovely day aboard our Catamarans. We promise that this trip will be the

Z40 - Trailerable, Cruising, Sailing Catamaran - Watch new movie trailers, high-quality HD trailers.

-Wedding Cruises. Each cruise includes snorkeling at Negril's famous beautiful reef (Equipment

We offer catamaran sailing classes in the Grenadines (Caribbean), Sea of Cortez, Mallorca and Tahiti. Learn to sailing Catamaran with Nautilus Sailing.

CatamaranCruiser. Boat Manufacturers - Listed Alphabetically Boat Manufacturers - Listed by Boat Type Outboard Engine Manufacturers Boat Part Manufacturers.

Jamaica’s number 1 CatamaranCruises - Cool Runnings Catamarans Ocho Rios - BOOK HERE and get 10 USD OFF!

Balance Catamarans produces high-speed catamarans of exceptional quality that are aimed to strike a perfect combination of performance and comfort.

Our CruisingCatamaran sailing course (Course A Plus Catamaran) is a weeklong live-aboard catamaran cruising course, offered at the Fort Lauderdale base, the Virgin Islands base and our...

The real full foiling catamaran. The foiling catamaran easier to use. Everyone can use and everyone can fly. Sail with us.

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