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Cream of coconut is coconutcream that has sugar added to it, which makes it ideal for baking. Confusing, I know.

Cream of coconut is made by pureeing coconut flesh to make a highly concentrated product with almost no water. It is extremely rich, very dense, and often hard because it is solid at room temperature, and it hardens up in cool weather or in dry conditions. Blocks of cream of coconut can be found for...

Perfect coconut whipped cream is at your fingertips with this step-by-step tutorial! Plus, we’ve recently updated the post with new information on what

Coconutcream” or “whipped coconutcream” is the thick cream at the top of a can of separated canned full-fat coconut milk (you can also make it yourself—instructions below). It’s awesome stuff. You can use it any way you would use dairy whipped cream: On top of ice cream, on top of pie, as...

It is made by combining coconutcream with lots of sugar. It is typically used for making mixed drinks and ice creams, where you want an intense flavor and

Make your own thick coconutcream at home to use in soups, smoothies, and desserts with this easy recipe that comes together in about 35 minutes.

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Coconut milk “beverage” is what you’ll find in the carton by the almond milk and soy milk. It is meant to be used for things like smoothies and cereal, not your

"Creamed" coconut milk is sometimes confused with creamedcoconut which is essentially coconut butter, also known as coconut mana and it's made from dehydrated coconut meat.

It's coconutcream, and not only canyoumake it in about two minutes, you can use it everywhere you would use whipped heavy cream.

Coconutcream and honey – those are the only ingredients in this to-die-for ice cream from our new dessert BFFs Laurel and Claire (of Kitchy Kitchen.)

What kind of coconut milk do you recommend? Regular/full-fat canned coconut milk is best for this recipe.

CoconutCream Pie is a dreamy island dessert with a flaky crust, a coconut filling that is made from scratch, and toasted coconut sprinkles.

Creamed Coconut (not to be confused withcoconutcream’) comes in a pure, solid, concentrated block that melts on heating. It is the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature coconut, that has been ground in to a semi-solid white cream. It solidifies at normal room temperature. You can find it...

Although you can make coconut yogurt withcoconut milk that haven't chilled at all, it won't be nearly as thick and the texture will be slightly feathery (something I don't like). If you'd rather use canned coconutcream, I had success using Thai Kitchen's coconutcream (though the guar gum gave the...

You can make your own coconut butter withcoconut flakes and a vitamix. Takes only a minute or two and is significantly cheaper than the bottled stuff.

What goes best withcoconut? I kept this a straightforward easy Coconut Cake but if you are thinking of jazzing it up, then go for it!

Make your own coconutcream concentrate (or coconut butter) with this simple recipe and customize your flavor with vanilla, chocolate or others.

I have used both regular canned coconut milk and boxed coconutcream to make coconut whipped cream (with the boxed coconutcreamyou don’t have anything to drain off.

Snack on strawberries withcoconut flakes and coconutcream. Make pancakes from fluffy white

Coconut whipped cream is a delicious dairy-free, vegan and paleo-friendly alternative to heavy

How To Make Our CoconutCream Cake Ahead Of Time. You can store this coconutcream cake for two

If the closest you've come to a can of coconut milk is a takeout container of Thai chicken curry, you're missing out—it's responsible for a wealth of flavorful dishes that range from sweet, rich ice creams to spicy dips and soothing soups. But what exactly is it? Not to be confused withcoconut water, which...

Top it off with a rich coconut buttercream for a really delightful confection. Watch this video to learn how to make it.

Grab a can of coconutcream –> Not milk, cream. Place it in the back of your fridge for the night. It needs to get COLD but not frozen. Remove from fridge, open the can, drain the extra water, and flip the cold solid cream into a bowl. Then WHIP IT, WHIP IT GOOD! Or if you’re like me, you can make fun...

Chocolate Coconut Butter Coconut butter, coconut oil, coconutcream, cocoa powder, vanilla and salt.

Our Coconut Pot de Creme recipe is madewith Coco Lopez cream of coconut, fresh coconut and 10 egg yolks. It is a very sweet, rich dessert so you'll probably want

Refrigerated Carton Coconut Milk. This is what you'll find on the shelves next to other lactose-free

Coconut flour is what remains1 when extracting the milk from coconut. So I doubt you can make anything

So you can drop the cans and pick up a fresh coconut, widely available at most grocers as well as

What else canyou do withcoconut butter? Find amazing recipes like no-bake quick lemon coconut candy, coconut ice cream, and better

CoconutCream – The thickness of this mousse is highly depended on the coconutcreamyou

Coconut milk can be a healthy cow's milk alternative but some brands should be avoided. Here are the ones to choose in both the carton and canned varieties.

Plus, since canned coconut milks can vary drastically, I wanted to give you my comparison of 5 different coconut milk brands.

Directions for MakingCoconutCream Soap. Start by melting down your soap base in a Pyrex bowl. Microwave it in short bursts (about 15 or 30 seconds) and mix in between to prevent over heating the coconut soap base. When it’s all melted, you can mix in all the ingredients and incorporate the...

Rich, creamycoconut milk whipped cream is quite possibly the easiest thing you will ever make.

Coconut butter (sometimes called CoconutCream Concentrate) is a great snack to reach for when you want something sweet to eat or just for an

When youmake this in a rice cooker, are you using the measuring cup that came with the rice cooker or a standard measuring cup?

Coconut shrimp could be paired off with light side dishes. Do not prepare heavy side dishes because it will overpower the natural taste.