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One way to describe agroup is by means of "generators and relations". You select some of the group elements, which you call generators, enough so that every element of the group can be expressed as a product of the generators and their inverses. Then you describe enough of the...

So, in general, whatisageneratorofa finite cyclic group and how is it found? I have seen in books and my notes a lot of descriptions using the term all elements of $G$ are given by $g^n$, for some integer $n$, and where $G

isa cyclic group generated by . Because every element of can be written as for some . is also ageneratorof .

Agenerator (electrical) isa device that converts mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators often use motors, turbines, engines, cranks, pistons, or other sources of mechanical energy. Likewise, generators may use chemicals or other materials that produce electricity when...

In group theory whatisagroup generator? In abstract algebra , agenerating set ofagroup G isa subset S such that every element of G can be expressed as the product of finitely many elements of S

Definition of Generatorofa Cyclic Group: An element g such that all the elements of the group are generated by successive applications of the group operation to g itself.

Suppose that G isa cyclic group of order 10 with generator a belongs to G. Order ofa^8 is _.

Generators are elements ofa cyclic group such that the cyclic subgroup generated by that element is equal to the group from which the element came.

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Clearly every finite group has at least one set of independent generators.

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Ageneratorisa function that has one or more yield statements.

Generatorsof Cyclic Groups. Let a have order n, and prove <a> has phi(n) different generators. I am not sure how to relate phi(n) and a as ageneratedgroup?

Ageneratorisa special kind of function that returns an iterator. It looks like a normal function, but values are returned to the caller using a yield statement instead ofa return statement. When yield is called, the function is suspended and the yielded value is returned to the caller. The function is then...

Cyclic Groups and Generators. Some groups have an interesting property: all the elements in the group can be obtained by repeatedly applying the group operation to a

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Generatorisa machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works based on principle of faraday law of electromagnetic induction.

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Definition of generator - a person or thing that generates something., a dynamo or similar machine

Ageneratorisa component that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy. Although this can be accomplished through a variety of different means, generators in automotive applications are operated by the engine, typically by means ofan accessory belt. The engine turns the belt, which turns the...

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Ageneratorisa device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Direct-current generator operates on the principle of magnetic induction. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux , dynamically induced e.m.f is produced in it according to Faraday’s laws of Electromagnetic Induction.

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Note that you can easily perform modular arithmetic (on “small” values) using the ‘bc’ command on unix. E.g., you can compute by typing ‘bc’ at the unix command line and then typing . Say the receiver chooses prime , and (one can check that 33 isageneratorof ), and secret exponent .

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