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GirlMeetsWorld is a teen sitcom on Disney Channel, a sequel to the 1990s sitcom Boy Meets

On the upcoming show Girlmeetsworlddo you think William Daniels will come back to play Mr. Feeny?

GirlMeetsWorld was a hit Disney Channel show that follows Cory and Topanga Matthews' twelve year old daughter, Riley, and her best friend, Maya, as they navigate through the challenges of life. The series takes place in New York City, where Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric moved to in the Boy...

"GirlMeetsWorld" creator Michael Jacobs on why he didn't resolve the love triangle in Season 2 finale, what's to come in high school in Season 3.

GirlMeetsWorld: Season 1. More than a decade after "Boy MeetsWorld," Cory and Topanga Matthews are married and have two children. Their daughter, Riley, faces life lessons through her family, friends, and school--where her father is her history teacher--as her parents didwhen they...

Episode 1: GirlMeetsWorld. It’s very hard to judge a sitcom on its pilot. There’s a lot to accomplish

Has 'GirlMeetsWorld' been canned? One of the series' stars and the writers can't seem to agree on the 'Boy MeetsWorld' sequel's fate.

GirlMeetsWorld” debuted in June 2014, garnering much chatter from nostalgic generations of fans who watched

When the news came out that the Disney Channel was making a Boy MeetsWorld sequel called GirlMeetsWorld, young adults born between 1984 and 1991 or so were cautiously super-excited.

Comeon, no, come one. Come with me. (To Riley) Riley, I am begging you stay in Neverland, okay? No growing up.

GirlMeetsWorld is like a soap opera. Every time you watch it you want something different, but you end up getting the same old "Who does Lucas love more" storyline

"GirlMeetsWorld" premiered Friday night, June 27, and thus made all fans of "Boy MeetsWorld" feel ridiculously old. The Disney Channel spin-off

More than a decade after "Boy MeetsWorld," Cory and Topanga Matthews are married and have two children. Their daughter, Riley, faces life lessons through her family, friends, and school, as her parents didwhen they were younger. Show Status: Finished. Last episode: GirlMeets Goodbye - January 20.

GirlMeetsWorld has touched on so many important issues, the entire show is pretty much a life

GirlMeetsWorld is about a middle school girl figuring out who she is and finding her place in the

GirlMeetsWorld” is still in the early phases of development, but Ben Savage tweeted on Monday

my world he started and here it comes i said because if it was your world Maya and Jazz would already have you on the subway thinking you put

So whenGirlMeetsWorld” premiered, I was ecstatic knowing I’d get to watch Cory and Topanga’s kids grow up, while also getting to catch up with some of my other favorites from

Do you know GirlMeetsWorld? There are some people who need to be on the show, and others who should be banished from even watching.

Lampshaded in "GirlMeets First Date", when Maya makes Riley fall on Lucas's lap, Riley tells her to do it again. (Not the exact words.)

The new GirlMeetsWorld was enjoyable. I liked the part with John Adams. "Does that make sense to you?" "None of this does."

"Comeon Lucas" I say pulling him out the room. We run down stairs and see Riley crying on the couch holding her arm. "Riley what happened?"

I started GirlMeetsWorldwhen I was 13. We shot the pilot in 2013 and we got picked up later that year.

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What channel is it on and how can you watch? Here is the date, air time and TV channel for the episodes of GirlMeetsWorld.

Luckily, the GirlMeetsWorld writers took to Twitter to gave a bit of a sassy response to Strongs claims. As much as I love Shawn Hunter, having created his

GirlMeetsWorld is an upcoming American television sitcom. The series, set to debut some time in 2014 on Disney Channel, is a spin-off to the sitcom Boy MeetsWorld, which aired on ABC's TGIF block from 1993 to 2000. The new series will follow Riley Matthews...

GirlMeetsWorld. Riley is 12 and has decided to become a much cooler person! With a little help from her friend

The announcement that GirlMeetsWorld would be coming soon created an enormous amount of attention online, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Although Savage and Fishel will be refilling their roles as Corey and Topanga — whose characters are now married with kids — it was uncertain if...

GirlMeetsWorld has borrowed a ton of story lines from its predecessor, Boy MeetsWorld, but one that's definitely brand new is the love triangle between

GirlMeetsWorld — a sequel to ABC’s popular sitcom Boy MeetsWorld — ended its run on Disney Channel tonight with an episode that felt like a series finale and was titled like one too, “GirlMeets Goodbye”. The “goodbye” part was given a different connotation when the show’s penultimate...

Latest GirlMeetsWorld review: All i can say is that Disney tossed a wonderful show away, For

GirlMeetsWorld (2014) s02e02 - GirlMeets the New World Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV

Also @Stephanie24 did you not see the surge of fan assistance to bring Lucifer (A DC Property) back onto the air via Netflix i think