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When I wasa child my father owned a janitorial company that worked almost every night at our local Showbiz Pizza Place/Chuck E. Cheese’s.

You kidsare in sixth fucking grade. Eight years old is definitely too young to be wearing makeup and heels and going to a sleepaway camp where you learn how to bea slut, but when you're 12 and in sixth grade, what are you doing even looking at the Toys R Us catalogue?

Where can akidbeakid? At Chuck E. Cheese's of course, where else! This was our second visit to Chuck E Cheese's. Crystal&nbsp

The company's slogan is "whereakidcanbeakid." The Associated Press and The Dallas Morning News contributed to this story.

It was like kids ruled the world! Their werekids everywhere running and jumping around. Justin squeezed Jazzy and Jaxon's hands to make sure they don't run away.

Kid Icarus’ and ‘StarTropics’ come to the Nintendo Switch next week.

KID VOICE: Two! HARTMAN: On average, akid requests to come to Chuck E. Cheese’s 11 times a year, and the parents let them come about three times a

Every kidis different. When you have your first baby you're afraid. You don't know any better.

Kidscan put aside dollies to go check out the Dali paintings at the architecturally impressive Salvador Dali Museum. Family events like DillyDally with

("Occasional") to his "biggest 'this-is-bullshit' moment": "In the suit one day, group of bratty kids surrounding me, coworkers oblivious and the kids have me down to my knees trying to pull the damned gloves off.

The nice thing about taking akid to Chuck E. Cheese’s is that every single game in there isa quarter. You don’t have to fill up a points card and then play games that require a weird number of points so that you always have money

Here are the stats: 50 ft. two lane drag race track, dual lane timing system, mph, et, reaction time, .4 or .5 tree, two controllers, electronic reader board, 12 volt power system, time slip printer, 10 cars, some capable of 50 mph, many extra car parts, gears, axles, wheels, bodies, chassis, bushings and brushes.

This place is supposed to bea place where kids are supposed to have fun and do whatever they want...well, it's kind of hard to enjoy when you're being stalked by a big grey furry rat

Kids, let this bea lesson. Autocorrect is hell. "Here's an ass-ton of tokens". Last party at Chuck E Cheese: three years ago.

Shared by WolfNippleChips. Whereakidcanbeakid?

A patron is suing Chuck. E. Cheese's for $50,000 for injuries suffered after being hit in the head with an air hockey puck. That thing weighs like 2 ounces; who is the plaintiff, Eric Lindros?

January 12, 2009 8:45am CST. Chuck E. Cheese has beena longtime standing place for our kiddos to celebrate their birthdays- in fact, we are celebrating our youngest son's third birthday there this month. But, I had no idea that not only are they known for their birthday parties, but also for the fact that some...

Here are the stats for this token... Type/Country: (No Value Token) Chuck E. Cheese / U.S.A. Year: 1994 Mintage: Unknown Metal: Nickel-Plated Zinc (or white metal or nickel-plated brass) Diameter: 25 mm Weight: 5.27 grams Value: $6.00 Obverse/Reverse Writing: "WHEREAKIDCANBEAKID"...

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This is gonna be one for the books.. I remember when I used to play tag in elementary. Running around, friends chasing eachother around, laughing, no worries at all... .

There are as many parents hovering as kids on the playground. I hesitate to say “kids playing on the playground” because that would suggest some

So we decided last minute to go to the well known place “WhereaKidcanbeaKid”. The nearest Chuck E. Cheese was about an hour away in Rockford

Sunday, August 28, 2011. Whereakidcanbeakid. With 25 Grandkids and 18 adults rolling around these parts one thing isa constant, well besides

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The arcade-centric restaurant chain with the motto "whereakidcanbeakid" plans to phase out tokens at its roughly 600 locations, Bloomberg reports. Instead, customers will track their Chuck E. Cheese's earnings on rewards cards. While Bloomberg notes the change could impact the niche...

Kid City isa wonderful place for learning and fun that focuses on the key fundamentals in your child’s development to give them the edge they need as well as giving you peace of mind knowing your child is safe and well taken care of. Come check us out! We are open Monday thru Friday from 6:00am to 6...

We decided to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese why not. There’s a Chuck E. Cheese 15 minutes from where we live, coincidence huh!

With delicious pizza and tons of games for kids of all ages, it's the perfect place for food and fun that the whole family will enjoy. Not only is it fun, but Chuck E. Cheese's is also affordable! With new deals and coupons every month, and each game costing only one token, you can keep the fun times rolling...

Kidscan do lots of things. If you just get the time to know your kids, you would be able to find love and good qualities in kids.

Coding for kidsis becoming increasingly popular as we learn about the various benefits of coding. When children learn to code, they develop many

I took my kids there every now and then. I casually tweeted about it when I was there last month. Out of my expectation, there werea lot of questions

Kidscan still be kids…but parents no longer have to be suicidal. A few simple changes and we are on our way to peace and harmony for young and old alike.