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Daughter just got some hermitcrabs and was just wandering why they needfreshwater and salt water?

All hermitcrabs should have access to both freshwater and salt water at all times.

Hermitcrabsdoneed both types of water but they need both water because they need to clean themselves and they just drink salt water.

Most terrariums have a salt water pool and a freshwater pool. They are fine with either, but both gives them a choice to decide what they need.

Hermitcrabs drink freshwater, but need to be bathed in a salt water solution. There are a number of products available for sale at your local pet store to

The hermitcrabsneed the freshwater for drinking and most hermitcrabs will also drink the saltwater and use it for bathing. Do not use tap water without treating it with a dechlorinating product. Most pet stores sell dechlorinating drops, which removes any harmful chlorine from the tap water.

Hermitcrabsneed salt and freshwater, they should have access to them 24/7. Water pools should be deep enough to fully submerge your crab.

HermitCrabs can autotomize (drop) and regenerate (regrow) their limbs from juvenile to adult stages. The break occurs along a fracture plane located

Hermitcrabsdo not dig in to the substrate to molt. I want to share a secret with you.

Hermitcrabsneed companionship, plenty of climbing room, substrate to bury themselves in for molting, humidity, warm temperatures, extra shells, fresh and salt water (dechlorinated, acquarium salt only), and much, much more! How can I tell if my crab is a male or female?

"Hermitcrabs are actually really complex animals," explained Laura Cascada, a Virginia-based crab advocate for People for the Ethical Treatment of

Wild hermitcrabs can be found making their home in shallow areas of the ocean floor. They exist on a diet that includes algae and plankton.

Many people have land hermitcrabs as pets, most are children's pets and are not properly cared for. Hermitcrabsneed more than what most pet stores say.

Healthy hermitcrabs as pets are active and even have individual personalities. To help keep them active and acting healthy, they doneed the proper diet.

Remember, hermitcrabs do have gills, but they’ve been modified to breathe moist air.

The needfreshwater every day but can do without salt water for about a week. Supply them with fresh and salt water in two separate cups or

Hermitcrabsneed a ready bowl of freshwater at all times, preferably in a size they can crawl in and out of. Change the water daily and clean the bowl weekly. Also provide a bowl of saltwater about once a week; the hermitcrab will become accustomed to its occasional appearance.

Welcome to HermitCrabs R Us! The site with helpful information caring for HermitCrabs as well as a HermitCrab Forum so you can chat with

Hermitcrabsdo not require as much special care as other animals, but they still have certain needs that must be fulfilled that the stores are either unaware of or just don't care

Pre-mixed "hermitcrabwater" does not have the correct salinity. and that is bad for the crabs. but

Pet hermitcrabsdo not need huge homes, but the correct temperature and humidity is essential for their health and well being.

HermitCrabs are very cool, and social creatures. In order for them to survive, you have to really simulate their "Natural Habitat."

Commercial HermitCrab pellets may be used as a portion of the diet. The following foods should be included regularly: fresh shrimp and fish, fruits

Well hermitcrabsdo just the same. But its more dangerous for a hermitcrab to split its…

Hermitcrabs have modified gills that allow them to live on land. Because they're gills and not lungs, the hermit

Housing and Substrate Hermitcrabsneed empty shells to move into when they grow.

HermitCrab Aquariums should always contain separate dishes of salt water and freshwater.

So whydo most people have such a different experience with a hermitcrab? Experienced crab owners offer the following care tips. To start, hermitcrabsneed to be kept at around 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity, which is impossible in the wire cages they're often sold in.

Hermitcrabs are not good pets for children. Hermitcrabs are wild animals, no matter how much we would like to think that they aren’t.

Hermitcrabs are popular pets for ocean lovers and families with other pet allergies. But before you commit to a tank full of these little critters, you

Your body needswater to maintain a healthy internal temperature of 98.6 degrees. You're likely to need more water to maintain this temperature, the

Hermitcrabs have long and spirally abdomens. Unlike other crabs which have hard exoskeletons or shells, hermitcrabs have a soft shell, leaving

Hermitcrab or reptile sand or a combination of sand and Eco-earth as a substrate. There should be enough substrate for your hermitcrabs to completely bury themselves. A variety of decor for climbing. Caves, half logs, branches, driftwood, or other decorations. A water dish for freshwater and a water...

In addition to freshwater, hermitcrabsneed salt water offered at least once a week, especially the Ecuadorian crabs.

* 4. HermitCrabs can eat almost anything. What kind of things should you never feed a hermitcrab?

Ocean or marine hermitcrabs are omnivorous and consume both plant and animal matter. They are opportunistic scavengers rather than hunters and prefer to eat algae and dead animals. In captivity, marine hermits function as tank cleaners by eating leftover food and detritus from the tank floor.

Land HermitCrabsneed to be stimulated by visual and tactile sensations (new things to chew and climb on, new things to explore and look at) as well as

Hermitcrabs hatch when their eggs are flung out to sea by mom. Some of them wind up in the pet trade, because these creatures have yet

Hermitcrabs also need a salt water aquarium, but do not use table salt. Marine salt, which is safe for the hermitcrabs, can be found in the aquarium

Hermitcrabsneed salt and freshwater. Food Hermitcrabs are scavengers, thus the food given to hermitcrabs is various. Fruits, vegetables, and cooked meat can be given to hermitcrabs, provided they do not contain artificial preservatives. Substrate needed is sand mixed with coconut mulch or...