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When you’re asked to explain whyyou’re a goodfitfor a job, your first inclination is probably to launch into a litany of your best qualities and the experience that makes you ideal for the position. That’s actually the wrong approach to answering this query. By the time the interviewer gets to this...

The question "Whyareyou a goodfitfor the job?" is often asked during job interviews, and the answer should be based on your individual strengths and

You might think thatthis scripted answer is too long. You will become more comfortable shifting your job interviews from the traditional, oral-exam-type Q &A format into a conversational format as you do more interviewing. Conversational interviews are the way to go -- they're more fun, less stressful and...

Why do you think this position is a goodfitforyou? Sample Answer: As you can see from my cover letter and my resume, the majority of my work

You can also answer this question by focusing on why your personality makes you a goodfitfor the job. For example, you might explain thatyou are good at communicating and working with many different people, so you adjust to new work environments well. You might also explain thatyou’re a...

Whyareyou the right fitfor the position? What would you bring to the position? To close the deal on a job offer, you MUST be prepared with a concise summary of the top reasons to

You may be asked this question in different forms, such as, “Why should we hire you?” or “Why do you think you’d be a goodfitforthis role?” Your answer to the variations on the question should remain the same—you must prove you understand the job and the company, and how you can help...

Prepare for Job Interview Success: Why Do You Want ThisJob? First of all, even if the question is not asked, you should clearly know whyyou really

How will you answer this question if its claim job. Update: Also if you are asked have you ever had conflict with a co-worker? I usually say I won't say it was conflict but had

First things first, this is an excellent opportunity foryou to show off what you know about the

Ans: I think I am a goodfitforthis project job because I have all the qualities thatyou are looking for. Experience is the golden factor with this type of

I understand thatyou are looking for someone with excellent communication skills. I have a great deal of experience in both oral and written presentations.

Why this question is being asked: The interviewer wants to know whyyou should be hired instead of someone else. Strategy: Focus on building

Whyisthis such a frustrating statement to hear from somebody else? Probably because it’s so vague and open-ended. It can make you feel like you have

For me, this question is tough because I don’t come from a background in design. I come from years and years of retail and customer support and what drew me to UX as a career was thatit mashes all my

goodfitfor the position and thatyou posses the skills they’re looking for. This is why hiring managers continue to ask this question… yes, EVEN in

One of these question is the ‘why do you consider yourself fittingforthisjob’ question.

Chances are you'll be asked at least one of three common interview questions in a job interview. This article teaches you how to answer all of them.

Curtis Peterson was recently interviewing for a digital marketing manager position at SmartFile, an Indianapolis company that provides secure file

If you are struggling for an answer, this article can help you to show employers thatyou are 100 percent sure about your latest career decision. Constructing an Answer. The secret to giving a strong answer is demonstrating thatyou’ve done your homework and thatyou have a pretty good idea of...

This is my dream job, so I want to do really well and get the position. One of the most common interview questions seems to be whyyou think

"Whyis it that the most technically qualified person seldom gets the job? Does fit matter?

What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why? I have been designing Logos since 2008 and so far gained experience

Why do you feel you’re qualified for thisjob?” persists as one of the most common and essential questions asked in interviews.

You may be wondering what the employer is referring to when they say “goodfit”. What the employer is considering here is called organizational culture, and we are here to shed some light on how this can affect your

Why this question is being asked: To understand if this position is a goodfitforyou or if it is just a job. Strategy : Using your past experience and explaining your career goals, describe whythisjob is a perfect fitforyou. Sample answer : My goal has always been to take on roles of increasing...

“It is said that if you are rewarded for a task thatyou have done brilliantly, you can master yourself in it. This organization is known to have rewarded

I bring an additional quality that makes me fit the job. for 15yrs,managing the daily running for call center,setting and meeting performance targets,monitoring random calls to improve quality,reviewing performance of staff,handling complex customer complaints.coaching ,motivating for staff.

Why Interviewer Asks WhyAreYou Suitable For ThisJob: The main reason behind asking this question by interviewers are they want to know how

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The No. 1 reason why a good candidate fails as an employee in situations like this is that the hiring

No, there were other reasons whyyou weren’t “a goodfit.” Here are some possibilities: You’re not a purple squirrel. This is a term to describe a candidate who has 15 out of 15 qualifications for the job, which is nearly impossible. Of if you have all the qualifications, there’s something else you lack.

While candidates think this is a BS question for HR reps to ask (because they usually have no clue what the hiring

feel I am at least a suitable candidate are.." and went on to detail why I was a goodfitfor the position. The interviewer seemed a bit taken aback by my

This is a win-win scenario. You not only look into the company to get a better grasp of their corporate culture, you’re also helping to prep for the interview.

However, if you take a job that is not the right fitfor your personality or technical strengths you are doing both yourself and your employers a big

If you think that a person is "a great fit" for a job, it means thatyou think they can do the job well. You might get a question like this in a job interview or on an application form: Why would you be a goodfitforthis position?

That was when I found Boston University is a bestfitfor me. I found my major " graphic design/ art& sciences". The school also have the variety of international student; therefore; I think it would be place for me to get in