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Sports will keep kids busy and keep them physically active. With that said, the best sports for kids are team sports. When kids participate in team sports like football

Among the groups of people who are most at risk from those who are unvaccinated are infants and children who are simply too young to be vaccinated.

The downside, of course, is that many kids are at greater risk of health problems. They also miss out on many of the positives associated with sports, including stronger leadership and networking skills, improved academic performance, better relationships, etc. Fortunately, the ongoing decline in youth...

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The #1 reason kids quit is because sports is no longer fun. In a 2014 study for George

With 70% of kids leaving organized sports by the age 13, coaches and parents say something needs to change to keep children in the game.

Why Kids Are At Risk For ID Theft. At 12 years old, Corrie Vaughn earned money by taking out the trash. However, the Northern California middle school

There are many types of sports weather it is football,soccer,dance or basketball, as well as there been many

Children are dropping out of sport at alarming rates in their teens. One factor is parents and some girls share their experiences.

Kids — especially teens — may be tempted to try strategies like carb loading before running or reducing calories or water to get down to a certain weight for wrestling.

While over 35 million kids between 4 and 14 play organized sports in the U.S., over 70% will drop out by age 13. According to new research, that

Kids are kids, which means that when they get mad, they're not especially diplomatic about it.

Research shows that kids need freedom outdoors to explore exhilaration and fear, and discover their own limits.

Why would a sweet, shy 14-year-old try to hang herself in her bedroom closet? And why would she cut her forearms, creating scars she would cover up with

But the city itself is needlessly splitting up New York families through the Administration for Children’s Services. I know because my own family is at risk.

CCF is a health policy and research center dedicated to expanding and improving health coverage for America's children and families.

More than 80 percent of the kids who died were between 5 and 17 years old. Of the 36 who died, two-thirds of them had

At a time when sports appear to be more popular than ever at the elite levels, participation rates across age groups continue to decline, according to a new study.

It is so important for kids to have unstructured, free play time. In these days of schedules, routines

Why are participants at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport? (300 words). Participants are always at risk no matter what the sport activity is

The importance of getting kids out playing sport first starts with the physical advantages, and given the figures – it's clearly important to get them

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Many people assume kids are at greater risk of danger than they really are, when they disagree with their parents' choices on moral grounds

And because of this, the little girl proceeded with what she felt was a “risk” and walked on the grass to get to her mother.

The remaining 16 percent of parents ruled out sports for their kids because of concussion risks.

Why is that? Kids are getting into teams sports younger, doing them more intensely and are more prone to injury because of the way their bodies

Why are people risk-takers? What makes a person take high risks and do dangerous, even life-threatening things?

Why exactly are kids walking away? Research has noted increasing costs, competing family demands, school work and the ever-present lure of screens.

Kids’ bodies are not the same as adult bodies, and those who specialize in a sport have the additional risk of sustaining overuse injuries, according

So why do 70 percent of kids quit organized sports at 13 and what can we do about it? I would argue that most kids leave because we haven’t given them a way to stay. And perhaps more importantly, until we dismantle the parenting culture that emphasizes achievement and success over healthy, happy...

Research shows there are physical risks involved with specialization. In a recent study involving nearly 1,200 young athletes at two Chicago-area sports clinics, researchers found that those athletes who specialized in one sport for eight months or more a year (at the exclusion of others) had a...

Team sports are a great way for kids to be active and with spring just around the corner, you may want to sign yours up for a new season of soccer or baseball.

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Dr. Robert Cantu explains why the brains of children are more vulnerable to concussion — from nerve fibers in the brain that are more easily torn apart to the size discrepancy between their large skulls and little necks.

Many communities are in cities with busy international airports, further increasing the risk of disease spread. Saad Omer, a professor of global health

The intentions are never ill when it comes to kids at play. But sometimes there are risks involved with common childhood recreational activities that

Identify whether your child could be at higher risk for drug or alcohol use, and learn common

I will be discussing with you some of the main reasons why kids bully, and the factors that put people at risk of being bullied or becoming bullies.

Bullying can include making fun of kids because of their allergies or exposing them to the things they are allergic to.

“In physical education classes, there is a lot of standing around, a lot of minutes of kids waiting to do an activity, and sometimes kids are only moving for about

At meetings of the world’s education ministers, when it is Singapore’s turn to speak, “everyone listens very closely”, says Andreas Schleicher, head of

Your child is at risk of substance abuse and other common issues faced by teens because all children are at risk. It’s true that certain factors—such as poor

She suggests modern children may be at risk of losing some of the resilience that appears to come from being useful and helping others.

The age at which a child should start playing sports is not set in stone. That being said, according to KidsHealth, a child is emotionally and

I agree, there can be a boat load of positive reasons why your kids should participate in youth sports.